14 Day Konjac Klenz – Personalized coaching for extended fasting.


14 Day Konjac Klenz. Personalized Coaching for extended fasting.

This is our first ever Personalized coaching with 3 keto coaches to assist you in a new and exciting formula of extended fasting to reach levels 5 and 6 in the fasting pyramid and maximize autophagy and tap into stem cell formation.

I have been researching this technique for over 8 months now, I have spent hours chatting to professionals all over the world to aid and assist me with the correct quantities of unique products that will not break your fast if done correctly, and aid in assisting in reaching the ultimate levels of fasting through this method, which otherwise is quite difficult to reach.

Now you need to understand that is not a program that can be done without supervision and without more personalized coaching. We will go into great depth with you on the scientific processes that take place in your body, the amazing benefits and you will feel like a whole new person by the end.

The reason we urge members to have had fasting experience before trying this is because we are not going to be spending time on the basics of fasting, rather the next levels that can be achieved through controlled extended fasting.

In this program we will provide all the essentials you will need, it will involve 72 hour fasts, with 2 day intervals of broth and egg fasting. Before starting the challenge we will do a team meeting as well as a personalized session to assess you on a physical, emotional and medical front. Should you be taking chronic medication, I will consult with your doctor personally before this program starts.

What you can expect as a result of taking on this 14 day program.

*Heightened alertness
*Internal healing and cleansing
*Lowered blood sugar and blood pressure levels
*increased energy
*activation of the brains capacity and abilities
*Gut relief, gut healing, digestion relief.
*Weight management and water retention reduction
*improved concentration
*improved metabolism

And the list goes on. You will need to do daily check ins with us to ensure that you are coping and managing this program.

You will receive.
* 30 boxes of Konjac pasta of your choice
* 1 Full box of Re-vive electrolytes
* 1 Bottle Gigi’s Go Go Gummies
* 1 tub Mojo me broth
* 2kg Pak Choi
* 1 Bottle Apple cider vinegar
* 300g Chia seeds.
* 1 Sachet Monk Fruit sweetener.

3 dedicated coaches who will be doing online video sessions and training with you.
A dedicated Private FB group for all Konjac Klenz members new and old, so that we can create an extended fasting community together.
Daily uploads on both WP and Fb to help you on this journey
Team meetings to check in and chat face to face (optional)
Private session with myself prior to starting.

We look forward to helping you to discover and untap parts of yourself you never knew existed. To explore the world of Autophagy in it’s highest level and to reap the rewards of pushing your body out of it’s comfort zone to enjoy the well earned benefits from discipline and control.