28 day ketogenic meal plan with recipes. Basic fasting.


We are excited to offer you a full 28 day meal plan with a variety of delicious meal recipes, snack and lunch instructions to help you take on the ketogenic lifestyle. Whether you are doing this for weight loss, medical reasons or just general health, this plan is perfect for any individual.
I have put together full instructions, and you may swop out meals as per your preferences. This plan is designed to get you into ketosis with a 16:8 / 18:6 and in the last week 20:4 method of fasting which helps to get your body into ketosis and start using your own body fat as fuel.

In this plan you will receive full instructions on the set up of your day, how to fast correctly and guidelines on how to manage this program. Should you want to incorporate our meals into our plan, you can choose a meal package and use them for the dinner section.


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