Liquid Gold Pasta and Sauce Combo! 10 konjac pasta, 10 keto pasta sauces.


Liquid Gold Pasta and Sauce Combo.

10 packs of Gigi’s Konjac pasta with 10 Collagen rich Pasta Sauces.

Introducing Gigi’s Konjac Pasta and Rice + Sugar-Free Keto Sauces with Liquid Gold Bone Broth!

🍝 In this amazing promotion, you’ll receive 10 packs of our renowned Konjac Pasta and 10 tubs of our mouthwatering sugar-free keto sauces. Each pack, combined with a tub of sauce, provides a generous portion that feeds two people, making it ideal for cozy dinners or gatherings with friends and family.

🌟 Our pasta is crafted from the finest Konjac flour and water, resulting in an incredibly low net carb count. That means you can indulge in a comforting, hearty bowl of pasta without worrying about kicking yourself out of ketosis. πŸ’ͺ And for those with diabetes, it’s a perfect choice that won’t cause those blood sugar spikes.

🍲 But wait, we have an exciting addition to our lineup! Introducing our new range of sugar-free and keto-friendly sauces, featuring the goodness of Liquid Gold Bone Broth. These sauces are specially designed to accompany Gigi’s Konjac Pasta and Rice, and they offer an extra dose of collagen for added health benefits. 😍

🌢️ From zesty tomato-based sauces bursting with flavor to creamy and savory options that tantalize your taste buds, our sauce collection has something for every palate. Each sauce is expertly crafted to complement the natural goodness of our pasta while ensuring your carb intake stays low and your satisfaction levels stay high. πŸ…

✨ And here’s a pro tip: Gigi’s Konjac Pasta and Rice are high in fiber, making them absorb fat beautifully when fried for just 5 minutes. This means you can create a luscious and indulgent pasta dish by sautΓ©ing them in your favorite healthy fat and topping them off with one of our delectable sauces, enriched with Liquid Gold Bone Broth for that extra collagen boost. 🍽️

🎊 It’s time to revolutionize your pasta nights and relish in guilt-free culinary pleasures with Gigi’s Konjac Pasta and Rice + Sugar-Free Keto Sauces, now infused with Liquid Gold Bone Broth for additional collagen goodness. Bid farewell to carb-heavy meals that hinder your progress and embrace a healthier, more delightful pasta experience. πŸ₯³