Keto Meatballs with mixed veggies




Beef Meatballs with Keto Veggies

Indulge in the hearty and wholesome delight of our Beef Meatballs paired with a vibrant selection of Keto-friendly Vegetables. This dish, weighing a total of 330g, is a meticulously crafted ensemble of succulent beef meatballs alongside a nourishing medley of cauliflower, zucchini, broccoli, and cabbage. Designed with your health and taste buds in mind, this meal is a perfect blend of protein-rich beef and low-carb vegetables, making it an ideal choice for those following a ketogenic diet or anyone seeking a nutritious, balanced meal.

Our Beef Meatballs with Keto Veggies dish is not only a testament to flavorful eating but also to a lifestyle that values well-being and satisfaction. The beef meatballs are seasoned to perfection, offering a robust flavor that complements the fresh, lightly seasoned vegetables. Each ingredient is chosen for its nutritional value, ensuring that you enjoy a meal that’s as fulfilling as it is delicious.

Whether you’re looking to maintain a low-carb diet without compromising on taste or you’re in search of a meal that provides ample protein and essential nutrients, this dish is designed to meet your needs. Savor the richness of beef meatballs and the freshness of keto-friendly veggies in a meal that’s easy, delicious, and aligned with your health goals. ​

  • Protein: Approximately 51.0g
  • Fat: Approximately 30.3g
  • Net Carbs: Approximately 2.0g
  • Total Calories: Approximately 485 kcal

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Single portion, double portion, Family size (4 portions)